About Us

Here at L-ighthouse.com we are a friendly bunch of hard working people who love selling Arts and crafts products online. We have been selling great products, so you could say we know what we are doing!

We source our high quality products from all around the globe. Our mission is to provide you access to great products you can’t easily find on other websites, at the best possible price. We work with our suppliers everyday to ensure that that our store is the best place for our customers to shop and find what they are looking for, all at the best price possible. We have been in this game for a long time now and so you can feel confident you are dealing with a business who really cares about the quality of service you receive.

We have an online pool of products. We source these items from all over the world and take away any of those old geographical barriers that stopped these types of items landing right on your front door in the past.

Because we have been in the business for years, we know what good customer service looks like. Once you have ordered an item with us, you can expect the very best of care, right down to our team members checking and carefully packing your item to be delivered right to your doorstep.  Yes, delivery really is on all items! Because we are moving items all over the world, sometimes things pop up that can slow things down, but we will be sure to keep you up to date and you will know exactly when you can expect your items to arrive.

We guarantee that you can trust us, our products and our service.

Best Support
We believe in putting the customer first and have one of the best customer service teams in the business. We delight in ensuring your online shopping experience is a happy one. Shop with us and enjoy customer care support within business hours and 24/7 support via email.

We have established a close relationship with factories over the years. We work with our suppliers every day to ensure that we are the best place for our customers to shop and find what they are looking for, all at the best price possible.

We remain unaltered since we opened our doors – to share the pleasure and feel-good factor that can be found in beautiful . We believe that presentation is as important as the product and always showcase our labels in fresh, thoughtful displays.

We carefully hand pick each order to ensure that they are correctly packed and delivered to your home. We are here to serve you every step of the way. This is the true reason why our customers continue to shop with us year after year. We may live in the digital age, but we know that human interaction can make all the difference.